Heineken launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger in a collaboration with the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and Publicis WW as part of their “No More Excuses” campaign. This particular bot takes on the personality of former football player and manager José Mourinho, and will take no excuses for you missing the Champion Leagues. 

Natural disaster? Family emergencies? None of those work with Mourinho, he’s like a strict teacher that won’t you go even with the bell. The bell does not dismiss you. José Mourinho excuses you.

If his words aren’t encouragement enough, there’s a lot of positive reinforcement with the bot as well, which rewards fans who “meet up to watch games together with discount codes.” The Drum reports this includes “rewards in the form of transportation, food delivery and home cleaning discount codes.” Those make for great motivation, and as we’ve seen with similar bots in the past, users tend to engage more when they’re given some kind of incentive.

In addition to being full of personality, few things are as inseparable as beer and sports. This team up fits perfectly, giving sports fans a great opportunity to participate in the campaign. Also, flakiness is a terrible quality, so everyone should join Mourinho in fighting against that nasty habit.

While this chatbot was built for a specific event, it’s not too hard to imagine Heineken or similar brands making similar campaigns in the future. Every year leading up to the Super Bowl, our television are bombarded with commercials advertising manly beers, sport foods like chips and dip, or other event must-haves. Additionally, there’s no shortage of sport personalities that would make for great chatbots voices. Fans within sports are some of the most enthusiastic and supportive individuals, so brands definitely aren’t wasting their time by finding new ways to reach out to that demographic already on Facebook.

These are highly social events that brands love jumping on, so it’s only natural that they’ll employ different kinds of technology too. While chatbots aren’t the first thing that come to mind when we talk about sporting events, we wouldn’t mind seeing more of them. That goes double when they offer discounts and gifts. Now that Heineken has entered that realm, we’ll have to keep an eye out to see whether other groups will follow.

What did you think about the Heineken chatbot? Is it something that’d make you more likely to tune into a sports game? Let us know in the comments below.