Now you can enjoy a daily dose of business advice with your morning coffee, courtesy of the HBR Slack bot. Employees now have instant access to hundreds of informative articles. The tidbits of information chronicle an array of topics from “How to Break Your Addiction to Work” to “How to Deal with a Slacker Coworker.” Perhaps the most gratifying thing about the chatbot is how easily individuals in the workplace can relate to the tips.


HBR Slack bot

The HBR slack bot provides news and business advice every morning at 9am.


Once you install HBR to your team on Slack, the smart bot gets right down to business. Users are able to setup a customized schedule and decide how frequently they’d like to receive information. After responding to a few prompts, your articles are delivered either daily or weekly. The bot has a unique ability to gather large amounts of data into one easily scannable blurb.

Harvard Business Review’s Senior Editor Maureen Hoch chose Slack for the ease of command usage and rapid delivery time. She explains how Slack and HBR have similar goals: “One of the things that impressed us early on about Slack is how it makes work life simpler and more productive, and so does our content. In that way, Slack made more sense for us.”

The HBR slack bot is a culmination of business knowledge and daily advice meant to improve productivity. The advice bits are geared toward the entire business chain, churning out bits of information for execs and entry level workers alike. Nothing enhances ambition like readily available advice columns for the entrepreneurial mind.

Have you received any tips from the HBR Slack bot? What are some helpful work related techniques you’ve learned? Let us know in the comments below.