Wondering how your stock investments are doing? Now you can know without your computer or your phone. Fidelity partnered with Amazon Echo to produce a Fidelity Alexa Skill that lets you simple say “Alexa, ask Fidelity how Apple is doing” and get the instant, real-time quote – all through voice!

Fidelity started building their Alexa Skill in 2015 and has rapidly evolved the product based on customer feedback. According to Brady Frost, Fidelity’s Director of Mobile Personal and Workplace Investing, the Fidelity Skill “had our core capabilities up in no time. Then subsequent releases were just a matter of tweaking based on what we learned to ensure the best possible customer experience, which is what both Fidelity and Amazon expect. The response from our customers has been great.”

For example, the initial release of the Skill required users to explicitly say “quote” or “price” to get that information. Turns out this didn’t match Echo users’ natural phrasing, leading to a lot of misunderstandings. Once Fidelity’s Skill became more colloquial, the hit rate of pulling up the right stock jumped to 85%.

Here’s one user’s demo of his Echo delivering Fidelity’s live quotes and updates

You can enable Fidelity on Alexa by saying “Alexa, enable Fidelity” or by toggling the Skill on in your Alexa companion app.

Have you gotten your stock updates hands-free from the Fidelity Alexa Skill? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.