United Spirits Group, a subsidiary of Diageo has launched a chatbot named Simi: Your Personal Bartender on Facebook Messenger for all your home-bartending needs. Making more complicated cocktails can be difficult when you don’t have a some obscure ingredient only available at Whole Foods, so Simi helps by letting users narrow things down by what they already have at home.

Instead of traversing the internet for recipes or looking at impossibly complex Pinterest recipes that will only eat up your time, try this friendly chatbot instead. The bot boasts over 2,000 DIY recipes, so if there’s something you’re in the mood for it’s definitely in there somewhere. Whether you’re in need of a complex drinks or simple 3-ingredient cocktails, you’ll eventually stumble into the right drink.


Diageo United Spirits Group Simi Chatbot Bartender


It’s kind of like a cheat sheet if your kitchen were a Chopped mystery basket. Make do with what you have, to the extent that it’s almost untrustworthy how scrappy you are. If hosts are looking for a way to step up their drink menu beyond the simple Jack and Cokes or Screwdrivers, have a quick consultation with Simi to impress all your guests.

We believe Simi will open up a world of drinks and has the potential to transform how alcohol is consumed at home”, said Sridhar, Vice President of Digital at USL, Diageo.

If you’re in the mood for something, but not sure what recipe suits the occasion best, the bot also comes in handy for you. We can imagine starting with wanting something fruity with Orange, and then going out to buy the ingredients for a London Cosmo.



The only downside we see involves the way the bot often requires you to do some browsing, and not in a desirable way. A way to narrow down searches even more, perhaps with the number of ingredients or difficulty, would make Simi even more helpful. After all “juice” is not an entirely helpful category as it encompasses many possible options. Not all of us have lemon juice and highball glasses at our immediate disposal, and being able to search with that in mind would be ideal.

Afterwards, the bot invites you to share a photo of your creation on social media so they know it was a success. From browsing their Facebook page, it’s clear they’ve made a bartender out of many Facebook users!

What do you think about the way Simi helps users in the drink-making process? Do you see yourself using this chatbot bartender for your next cocktail? Let us know in the comments below.