For something as dry and chore-like as account balances and bills, this virtual banker has a ton of personality. Capital One has rolled out a new chatbot named Eno, which is the “first natural language SMS chatbot from a U.S. bank.”


Capital One Eno Bot


Eno communicates with the bank’s customers over text message, allowing users to accomplish a formidable number of tasks on their phone. Through the chatbot, customers can check their account balances, transactions, and card information like bill dates and limits. Eno responds to straightforward messages like “What’s my balance?” or commands like “Eno, pay my bill,” but Capital One has gone another step further and incorporated emojis as well.


Capital One Eno Bot


A bag of money gives you your account balance and a thumbs up will confirm a payment if customers are paying a Capital One credit card bill. Prank questions like “What’s in your wallet?” will earn amusing remarks like “I don’t have a wallet, but if I did, it would just have pictures of cats.” Clearly, Eno knows what the internet likes. Capital One understands its audience and this is one likable bot.

In addition, Capital One vice president of digital product development Ken Dodeline told Fortune they deliberately gave the chatbot a gender-neutral name, describing the virtual banker as “binary.” As many digital assistants will default to female, it’s refreshing to see a company actively try to address that standard in their work. Eno, whose name is simply “One” backwards, apparently loves green.

While the chatbot already has a solid amount of features, the company has said they hope to incorporate peer-to-peer payments and other updates. “The more people chat with Eno, the more it will learn,” Dodelin said. The chatbot uses customer’s Capital One username and password to access information, but users have traditionally been more cautious about chatbots that deal with finances or sensitive information. While Capital One will no doubt have to navigate the challenges of personal information, it will be exciting to see how Eno changes as it reaches a wider audience and grows. The company seems to understand this, as they’ve made disabling Eno incredibly easy—a simple “Unenroll” will do the trick.

Currently, only a few customers can access the chatbot, but those interested can put their name on a waitlist here.

What do you think about Eno? Would you want to use a chatbot for your bills and banking? Let us know in the comments below.