If you could resolve all your banking issues on your handy Amazon Echo, why would you ever need to walk into a brick-and-mortar branch? Capital One is betting on just that. The bank released a feature-rich Capital One Alexa Skill for the Echo that lets you manage account information, pay bills, check balances, and even deal with your auto and home loans.

The Capital One Alexa Skill was born at SxSW 2016, where a combined team of designers and developers launched the product to national acclaim. Capital One was the first company to enable bank account access and management through the voice-only Echo platform.

Designing voice-only interactions is an incredible challenge.  “We dedicated a lot of time to getting the conversation right from the start,” explains Scott Totman,Vice President of Digital Products Engineering at Capital One. “This meant we not only had to anticipate the questions customers were going to ask, but also how they were going to ask them.”

The design team wanted the skill to feel like a true, personalized conversation, so they had to carefully consider a customer’s needs, the various terms they used to describe financial matters, and where a bit of humor might be appreciated.

“A lot goes into making sure our customers get what they expect from our personality, as well as what they expect from Alexa’s personality. That becomes especially visible when injecting humor, because what looks great on paper doesn’t always transition to the nuance of voice inflection, cadence, or the context of banking,” warns Stephanie Hay, who leads content strategy for Capital One.

Capital One has a great video showcasing some of the banking features of their Skill.


You can read more about the Capital One Alexa Skill in detail on the Skill’s website here, or enable the Skill through the Alexa companion app.

If you’re a user of the Capital One Skill, let us know how you like the product in the comments below.