While bras can be a bit difficult to shop for online, the Aerie bot from American Eagle offers a lot of promise. The lingerie brand recently launched a successful #AerieReal campaign which depicts their models without any Photoshop retouching. The advertisements are accurate representations of what the lingerie looks like on real-life bodies, offering a message of self-love and acceptance. 


Aerie Bot On Kik

The Aerie bot from Kik promotes healthy self-image for teens by showing realistic bodies untouched by Photoshop


Made by Pandorabots, you can find the Aerie bot on Kik. The bot offers a number of options, from bra size and care advice, to “#AerieREAL inspo,” to, naturally, bra shopping. While we didn’t find the sizing advice too useful, we can see this being helpful for younger people who might just be learning about wearing bras. 

The format they’ve set for bra shopping allows you to browse randomly, by mood, or by lining/pushup levels. The amount of ways you can go about this was pleasantly surprising, and we found the “This or That” format a clever setup to get the user engaged and maybe look at lingerie they haven’t before. If you’re easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options in online stores (What do you call that lacy thing without a wire that’s cute, but not risque?), this bot helps you break it down in comprehensive terms.


Aerie Kik Bot Shop

The Aerie bot on Kik simplifies bra shopping by offering users a choice between two bra options at a time.


 Pandorabots CEO Lauren Kunze stated they wanted to “create a chatbot with a distinct persona that celebrates body positivity and promotes confidence in young women.” After seeing CoverGirl’s bot, which was modeled after celebrity teen Kalani Hilliker, we wondered how much more personable the Aerie bot might’ve been if they had fashioned the personality to mimic their spokesperson, Iskra Lawrence. The model, who has been outspoken about Aerie’s #EveryBodyIsBeautiful messag holds a strong fan following (she has nearly 3 million followers on Instagram) as the face of many Aerie campaigns, and not centering her voice and image here seems like a bit of a waste.

What do you think about the Aerie bot? Is it something you’d use to buy lingerie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.