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EmTech Next 2019

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Event Information
Event Date: June 11, 2019 - June 12, 2019
Event Location: Cambridge, MA, United States
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AI and robotics are driving rapid and radical workplace transformation across all industries, for companies large and small. These and other emerging technologies, like advanced manufacturing and AR/VR, are changing jobs ranging from manufacturing to medicine to retail.

EmTech Next examines the technology behind these global trends and their implications for the future of work. It will delve into their potential to empower the human workforce and open up new areas of economic growth, while also exploring their unintended consequences.

How can businesses better use artificial intelligence?

How will you prepare your workforce for the jobs of the future?

What skills will be valued in this new era?

How can you stay agile and steer your career through this time of unprecedented change?

Our 2019 program will explore:

» Artificial Intelligence and its impact on businesses
» Advances in human-robot collaboration
» Leadership in an era of constant reinvention
» Technologies that bring the digital factory to life
» How AR/VR is changing the enterprise training landscape
» Jobs of the future