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Infiniteconf 2019

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Event Information
Event Date: July 4, 2019 - July 5, 2019
Event Location: London, United Kingdom
Event Website:

Infiniteconf will examine the fluidity at the intersection of Big Data and AI and what the systemic outcomes of this relationship are.

The conference uncovers the right tools and essential knowledge that software teams need to utilise its potential.

Infiniteconf seeks to discover real-world applications of Big Data and AI. The conference brings together leading experts to share their first-hand experience of applying AI and ML within software teams, and discuss its implications for business.


What you will get from the conference:

  • Essential tools and practices that developers need to harness the power of AI and ML
  • You will hear about the current industry trends in the Big Data and AI space. You'll discover interesting applications of tools powered by ML, look at how these topics are evolving, and what the future holds
  • You will explore the ethical implications of Big Data and AI within the context of the development teams, business and the topics as a whole
  • Real-world case studies: success stories and lessons learnt
  • What is the software roadmap and is your company and development team on the right track?

Who should attend?

Infiniteconf offers value to all developers adopting AI and ML, as well as those who have been using these applications for some time.

Past attendees include: Software Engineers and Architects, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Product Managers, and Team Leads.