Work doesn’t have to be a drag when you have powerful Slack bots by your side. Automate away the drudgery of analytics reports, office shopping, performance feedback, and even SQL queries.

Read the detailed bot breakdown of these top Slack bots by Adelyn Zhou, Head of Marketing at TOPBOTS.

Start using these bots today:

  1. Avabot – Replace your data analyst with a bot
  2. Intro – Collect your entire team’s network together
  3. Kip – Simplify group shopping & get the best deals
  4. Statsbot – Easily pull in performance data and analytics
  5. Giphy – Spice up your conversations with internet memes
  6. CareerLark – Get microfeedback from trusted colleagues
  7. – Automatically turn conversations into tasks
  8. HumbleBot – Remind yourself how to be an awesome person
  9. EvaBot – Show your colleagues appreciation with surprise gifts


Did we miss any amazing Slack bots? Let us know in the comments below so we can feature them in a future video!