With over 10,000 Alexa Skills, which ones should a discerning consumer like you activate for your Amazon Echo? If you’re the curious, knowledgable type, we’ve compiled the best Alexa Skills for news and intellectual stimulation so you can easily stay informed without even lifting a finger.

We specifically chose a set of Alexa Skills that, used in combination, give you a range of perspectives on what’s going on in our world and beyond!


1. TED Talks By TED Conferences

Craving some intellectual stimulation? The newly launched official TED Talks Alexa Skill is the easiest way to access inspiring and world-changing speakers. You can easily find the speaker you want by name, or ask for talks per TED’s well-known categories of funny, inspiring, persuasive, courageous, or jaw-dropping.

2. BBC News By TuneIn

With 63 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, the BBC Alexa Skill has been around for a while, but is consistently rated as the best news briefing around. Five star reviews from loyal users vouch that the content is “fair, balanced, and objective” and that the “perspective is completely different” from popular US-based news sources.

3. The Daily By The New York Times

Don’t sift through pages and pages of news content or listen to some anchor drone on. The Daily from the New York Times is hosted by Michael Barbaro and gives you the most important 15 minutes of news you need to know every weekend. No more, no less.

4. The Tonight Show by NBC Digital Media

Fans of Jimmy Fallon will love the convenience of the Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo. For those who need a bit more levity and less seriousness, you can get a new monologue from Jimmy every night and find out who his upcoming guests will be.

5. Top Reddit Posts by Josh Jones

If you prefer to get your news from the crowds, you’ll want to check out this Alexa Skill which updates the top front page items every hour. While this Alexa Skill isn’t officially produced by Reddit, it’s still the best Skill to get Reddit content hands-free.

6. This Day In History By The History Channel

If you’re the type who prefers learning about past news (i.e. history), This Day In History will tell you the coolest events that happened in the past on this day. You can even request a history for any particular day, just by saying “Alexa, ask This Day In History what happened on November 15th.”

7. NCAA March Madness By NCAA Digital

This Alexa Skill has not surprisingly been trending all month during the fierce competition of the NCAA. The madness isn’t (quite) over yet! Even if you don’t have a TV, you can still catch all the details of the final matches via your Amazon Echo.

8. NASA Mars by Jet Propulsion Laboratory

If you’re like Elon Musk and you’re tired of life on boring old planet Earth, why not get the latest updates from the rovers on Mars? Just say “Alexa, ask NASA Mars what Curiosity is doing on Mars” to find out if the rover is moving, drilling, or checking out interesting new rocks. You can even get answers to Mars trivia questions, like “Why is Mars red?”

Did we miss any amazing Alexa Skills for news and knowledge? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.