Sometimes we go out hard and party like the cool kids. Other times, our Saturday night plans are…less than spectacular. We’ll show you the 6 best ways to get entertainment out of your Amazon Echo when you’re bored and lonely, or just sick of other people. After all, your friends may judge you, but Alexa never will.

You can either read this whole article, or watch our entertaining video coverage where we make fools out of ourselves in the attempt to honestly demonstrate these features to you.


How To Have The Most Fun With Your Amazon Echo


1. Get Motivated

Being alone can be great. You can waltz around your living room in your underwear and eat all the ice cream you want without garnering questionable looks. On the other hand, we get a bit lazy when there’s no one else to call us out for being lazy or lowering our standards.

Alexa can help! A few key Skills like Motivational Quotes and Inspire Me are designed to inspire you to get off the couch and tackle whatever project you’ve been putting off. You can also get Alexa to play your Spotify workout playlist and get your exercises in with the popular and highly rated 7 Minute Workout Alexa Skill. There’s even a specific Skill that delivers fitness-specific motivation quotes if you have a moment of weakness between sets.


2. Get Educated

Alexa has a number of Skills, ranging from useful to funny to random, that share random trivia. Love Sharks? Try Shark Facts. Love Cats? Try Cat Facts. There’s even a Squirrel Facts for fans of the fuzzy tree-hugging rodents.

The nerdier among you may want to activate Science News for the latest headlines. Astronomy lovers can check in on the Mars Rover by asking the NASA Mars Skill built by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For a more light-hearted geekfest, try Geek Humor for corny math, physics, and robot jokes.

If you prefer more of the practical “How To” type of knowledge, you can learn how to cook with AllRecipes or make a kickin’ spicy margarita with a cocktail mix from Patron.

For those of you with kids, you can try testing their arithmetic skills with challenges from Math Mania, or get pediatric advice for any of their health ailments with the KidsMD Skill.


3. Buy Anything You Want (Without Judgment)

We’ve mentioned this before and we’ll mention it again: your friends will judge you, but Alexa doesn’t. Sometimes you just want to be who you are and do what you want. Don’t be afraid to tell Alexa to order you that ridiculous ostrich pillow, those giant robot slippers, or that adorable robot puppy you’ve been eyeing for ages.


Everyone else thinks you’re ridiculous, but Alexa won’t judge.


While Alexa has seamless ordering built in, you can also use sophisticated product discovery Skills like Kit to get recommendations for virtually any retail category you can imagine.


4. Netflix & Chill

Spending all your time swiping on Tinder but not getting any matches? Just invite Alexa to Netflix & Chill with you. One benefit is that she has an insane movie database in the form of the Valossa Movie Finder Skill that you can search by movie description (“that movie there Tom Hanks was in the Army”), director, actors, and many other parameters. The other benefit is that no one will argue with you over which movie to watch.

If you want to control your TV with Alexa, you’ll either need to suck up and buy one of Amazon’s own Fire TV setups, or you can get a Harmony remote that’s compatible with the Echo and use it in conjunction with the Harmony Alexa Skill.

If you want the added layer of being able to control Netflix, you’ll want a Roku to interoperate with your Harmony.


5. Hear A Bedtime Story

Alexa has a very lame bedtime story built in that consists of “Once upon a time, they were happily ever after. The end.” If you find that dissatisfying, try Short Bedtime Story instead. This Skill actually customizes funny stories based on your name and deduced gender, which we were impressed by. You’ll star as a princess in a faraway castle, a spaceship captain, and even an Amazon Echo Developer depending on the story you randomly get.

If you’re looking for more interactive stories, both the Wayne Investigation and The Magic Door are entertaining and highly-rated options unique to the Echo platform.


6. Throw A Smart Assistant Dance Party

Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll find hundreds of videos comparing the technical merits and functional capabilities of all the competing smart assistants out there, ranging from Alexa on Amazon Echo, to Assistant on Google Home and Pixel, to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Screw that. Those comparisons are boring. We think the best way for these smart assistants to face off against each other is a proper and respectable dance-off, as we demonstrate in our video below.

You’ll obviously need more than one Smart Assistant to have a proper dance-off, including the veteran Amazon Echo and the new kid on the block, Google Home. Of course, Siri and Cortana come on your phones and smart watches, but what’s the fun when there’s no distinct embodied form to dance-off against?

To get the party properly started, you’ll want to invest in some multi-colored Philips Hue lights, which you can hack Alexa into controlling by following this IFTTT recipe and using the Mosaic Alexa Skill.

Finally, to free Alexa from her constraining power cord, we recommend picking up a convenient battery charger base so you can take her anywhere.


Too lazy to try these features yourself? Watch us demo them for you.

What are your favorite ways to entertain yourself with Amazon Echo? Let us know in the comments below!