You’ve heard of Facebook, Google, Amazon and the other stalwart Silicon Valley giants, but do you know the major companies leading innovation and technology in China? With a mature smartphone market of over 600 million active users, plus centralized government backing, China is positioned to compete with the U.S. in key industries such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotech.

The tightly coupled government and enterprise ecosystem lead to centralized infrastructure between the state, enterprises, and academia. The result is an economy with fewer huge categorical players compared to the United States. In February 2017, Beijing announced a partnership with Baidu to create China’s first national lab for deep learning. The initiative brings together resources and domain experts from all sectors to accelerate research and AI applications.

So, who are the big tech players in China? What product and service categories do they dominate in? Just how large are they? We’re here to present the top 12 MUST KNOW Chinese tech companies.


TOPBOTS PRESENTS 12 Chinta Tech Giants Baidu Alibaba You Must Know About

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