If you’re like us, you use Facebook Messenger every day, yet don’t realize half of the functionality you can get all within the Messenger app alone. From shopping to gaming, we’ll show you the top 10 Messenger tips and tricks that you might not have known about.


1. Get Personalized Weather Updates

Weather is boring and most weather apps suck. Enter Poncho, a sassy Brooklyn weather cat who not only gives you personalized weather updates and warns you of impending storms, but can also answer open-ended questions like “Do I need a jacket?” and “When’s a good day for a run?”

Facebook Messenger Chatbots You Have To Try


2. Get Help Making Tough Decisions

Ever feel stuck between two competing offerings? Swelly can help. Just text Swelly images of your two options and the community will vote on the best one. If you’re ever bored and looking to kill time, you can help other people break their ties as well by casting your own votes.


3. Shop For Just About Anything

There are plenty of retail and e-commerce options within Messenger, but our favorite is eBay’s ShopBot because you can buy almost anything. The bot is also more sophisticated than many competitors by intelligently processing open-ended requests and letting you search by uploading an image.


4. Search For Recipe Ideas

Plenty of bots on Facebook Messenger help you with food, whether you’re ordering delivery, booking a table at a restaurant, or looking for new recipes to try. For the latter, Whole Foods and Food Network bots both let you search for recipes by emoji.


5. Send Payments To Your Friends

Ever get caught without your wallet, or find that you’re just straight up out of cash? Never fear. Just ask a friend to spot you can pay them back with a few taps via Messenger Payments. Just tap on the “…” button in any conversation, then tap “Payments” and the amount you want to send. You’ll have to set up your debit card to start, but once that’s over, payments are a breeze.


6. Search & Book Travel Deals

Stressed at work and need a break? You can use Hipmunk‘s advanced flight and hotel search right within Messenger to plan your next vacation. Our favorite feature is the ability to find all the best travel deals from your home airport. Even if you’re just traveling home, you can request a ride from Uber or Lyft without leaving Messenger.


7. Design Creative Memes & Images

Are your chats getting a bit boring? Don’t look for memes to spice things up, create your own! The MemeGenerator bot is by far the easiest way to create memes. You just need to choose from their extensive database, add your own text, and send off your meme to get a laugh from your friends.

If you’re the more artistic type, you can use Icon8 to turn any image into artistic masterpieces, similar to how the mobile app Prisma works. Simply send in an image and choose between styles like Retro, Modern, and Anime.


8. Challenge Your Friends To Games

Got a competitive streak? There are a number of Facebook Messenger games you can challenge your friends too, the easiest of which is a basketball game. Simply send any friend a basketball emoji, then tap on it, and you’ll be pulled into the game interface for a friendly free throw competition.

If you need more hardcore games, you can also access arcade games like Pac Man and Space Invaders in Messenger’s growing list of entertainment options. To pull up games, simply tap on the “…” icon in any conversation, tap the Games icon which is a tiny controller, and choose your adventure.


9. Chat With An Artificial Intelligence

Bored and lonely at home? Try chatting with an artificial intelligence. One of the smartest ones is Mitsuku, which recently won an artificial intelligence competition and was deemed “the most human chatbot.” Try asking her about herself, the world around us, or about topics like television shows and politics. You can even try Mitsuku on the web to get her most updated commentary.


10. Meet New People To Chat With

Tired of artificial intelligence and crave some human intelligence? Sensay is a bot that will introduce you to other people nearby who have similar interested, whether they be startups, games, or tacos. Within a few seconds, Sensay was able to match us with another chatbot enthusiast to geek out with.


Watch These Tips & Tricks In Action

Check out our video to see us demo these best Messenger bots, tips, and tricks for you.

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