Consumer marketing is all about targeting individuals, knowing their personal preferences, and understanding their unique buying habits. With smartphones, IoT devices, social media channels and the internet in general, more data is being generated now than ever before. To turn unstructured data into valuable marketing advice, we now have the luxury of data science, machine learning, and modern AI techniques. Businesses are rapidly adopting smart tools for consumer marketing.

Startups Tackling Marketing With AI Solutions

Here’s a look at the ten platforms tackling consumer marketing with AI from different angles.

1. AirPR 

Every company wants PR, but very few know how to measure it. AirPR a measurement platform that tells you exactly how productive your PR strategy has been. This platform focuses on measuring the performance of each piece of earned media to see how much interest they are generating. By tracking the results of your PR activity through website interactions with potential clients, AirPR shows you what your most effective PR strategies are and also tells you why.

2. TrendKite 

Even when you know your numbers, creating reports to communicate your progress takes time. TrendKite is a PR Analytics platform that claims to reduce time spent reporting by up to 75%. Russ Somer, VP of Marketing says they aim to automate most of the drudgery involved with marketing so teams can do smarter work. TrendKite is also the first and only PR Analytics platform to offer SEO measurement which means PR professionals can actually measure their influence on their company’s search engine rankings in real time.

3. Appier

Appier released their Asia-Pacific Cross Screen User Behaviour report last year which shows that people respond differently to ads based on what screens they are using. With the number of multi-device users increasing, Appier uses AI to study and understand people’s behavior as they move across screens of different devices. This platform allows companies to leverage accurate cross-platform attribution to gain a true picture of consumer trends.

4. GumGum

GumGum executives believe that images demand more attention than any other type of content available on the web. The company leverages AI to extract the maximum advertising value from these images. They specialize in In-Screen and In-Image advertising and use Visual Recognition or Visual Intelligence to unlock the value of images, especially in sports and advertising. GumGum is currently working with NBA team: The Golden State Warriors, to rapidly calculate earned media value for sponsor integration in branded and sponsored content.

5. Invoca

Inovca is a call and voice analytics platform that helps marketing teams study and optimize phone conversations with customers. With millions of calls being placed to call centers around the world every day, Invoca uses their Voice Marketing Cloud to analyze each call to tell you who is calling, why they are calling, and what is being said. Invoca powers 100 million calls every year and has a real-time engagement engine that lets you act immediately on call intelligence. 

6. Lexalytics

Lexalytics is a text analysis platform that translates billions of unstructured documents into actionable insights for the company. Their text and sentiment analysis technology allows businesses to tap into their customer’s thoughts and conversations in order to make good marketing decisions. Considering they can extract and analyse text in 20 major languages, that pretty much covers about 64% of global population, or 4.9 billion people.

7. LiftIgniter 

LiftIgniter is a platform created by the top machine learning personalization teams from Google. This platform helps companies increase their click-through rate (CTR) and conversions by automating the flow of personalized content to the user, hence improving the end-user experience. LiftIgniter is very easy to implement and automatically improves on itself with regards to personalized content being delivered to the user.

8. Netbase

Social listening refers to the practice of analyzing billions of social media posts to gain insightful knowledge about what people are saying about your brand. Netbase helps businesses identify segments of customers and manage campaigns specifically for them. They also have a feature called “Crisis Management” that can track what the press is saying at any given time.

9. Persado 

Coming up with effective headlines is no easy task. Persado performs optimum content generation by a trial-and-error method of running experiments with different subject lines to identify the best performing ones. The main use cases are for marketing email subject lines and article headlines. Persado breaks text down into the main traits – like format, emotion, sentiment and description – that could affect the possible outcome. This practice effectively lets businesses know exactly why some content performs better than others.

10. Retention Science

Retention Science is a consumer marketing engine that uses AI to target customers with accurate recommendations. This platform uses deep learning to sense tiny behavioral changes and adapt them to real-time interactions. They also offer self-optimizing subject lines and templates so no two customers ever get the same boring trigger e-mail.


Consumer marketing is slowly turning into a machine-powered branch of psychology. With every single microscopic behavioral change of the customer being analyzed and studied, machines may soon progress from simple recommendations to actually shopping for us.