Our Mission

TOPBOTS’ mission is to educate business leaders and the public on the multitude of high-impact applications of modern machine learning and A.I. techniques. Through collaborative research and content, we inspire you to think creatively about how A.I. can be used to save lives, democratize education, and revolutionize industries – but only if we use it wisely.


Adelyn Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer

Adelyn is a marketing and growth leader named as a top 10 keynote speaker by INC and an influential AI expert by IBM. Her early-stage contributions to startups such as Nextdoor and Eventbrite helped them achieve billion-dollar-plus valuations. Prior to TOPBOTS, Adelyn founded Alight Labs, a leading growth consultancy for high growth companies such as Oscar Health. She recently spoke at 500 Startups, Launch Festival, DLD, Social Media Week, and SxSW. Adelyn graduated with honors from Harvard University and received her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Adelyn Can Teach You:

  • How to educate business leaders on essential A.I. trends and applications
  • How to build and implement an executive A.I. strategy for your organization
  • How to grow your business using emerging technologies like machine learning and conversational bots
  • How to develop successful marketing and growth strategies for A.I. products, services, and companies

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Marlene Jia, Chief Revenue Officer

Marlene guides Fortune 500 clients such as L’Oreal, WPP, and PayPal, on enterprise AI and bot innovation. Her expertise in enterprise software and best practices helps corporations successfully evaluate, develop, and integrate emerging technologies. Prior to TOPBOTS, she built go-to-market sales teams at high-growth companies like UStream, Wizeline, and Sales Bootcamp and was COO of Xanadu, a leading strategy and design firm in emerging technology. She’s recognized by INC as a top 10 keynote speaker and recently presented at AI With The Best and Insight Exchange Network. Marlene studied economics at Northwestern University and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. 

Marlene Can Teach You:

  • How to identify antiquated enterprise workflows ripe for disruption by automation and A.I.
  • How to navigate organizational politics and prepare your company for technological change
  • How to evaluate A.I. vendors and make the right decisions on whether to build vs. buy
  • How to assess M&A, investment, and partnership opportunities with A.I. companies
  • How to ensure robust implementation, integration, and deployment of A.I. technologies

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Mariya Yao, Head of Research & Design

As a researcher and “A.I. designer”, Mariya helps executives gain mastery over technical concepts and effectively leverage emerging technologies like A.I. to transform products and businesses. She speaks internationally at conferences like SxSW, Web Expo, Lean Startup, Global Venture Summit, and UX Week. Prior to TOPBOTS, she was Founder & Creative Director at Xanadu, a design & innovation firm building emerging technologies in mobile, IoT, and VR for global corporations. Prior to Xanadu, Mariya managed a proprietary trading firm focused on market-neutral systematic strategies and was a manager at Bridgewater Associates, a quantitative global macro hedge fund with $150 billion in assets under management. She studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Duke University and developed LIDAR algorithms for the 2nd place finisher at the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge.

Mariya Can Teach You:

  • How to design A.I. powered products and services that people love to use
  • How to apply A.I. research and breakthroughs from industry and academia to your business
  • How to develop a data strategy and technology stack to enable scalable A.I. applications
  • How to lead successful A.I. teams of diverse executives, engineers, and experts
  • How to plan, manage, and measure progress for pilot A.I. initiatives
  • How to train non-technical executives on the technical nuances of applied A.I.

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