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TOPBOTS offers corporate workshops to help your executive team and company leadership ramp up on bot knowledge. We focus on strategy and help you refine how bots fit into your overall brand, industry, marketing, and company vision. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and global brands.

While other educational offerings focus on the tactics of building bots, we emphasize strategic understanding of how brands have successfully used bots & how to execute an effective bot strategy for your own company.

Bot Education

What Executives Need To Know About Bots

Emerging technologies like bots are disrupting and revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands. Learn how to build and execute on a successful bot strategy for your brand & company.

This interactive workshop is targeted towards brand executives, managers, and marketing leaders who want to 1) understand the latest breakthroughs in bots and conversational artificial intelligence, 2) learn how to successfully leverage bots, and 3) effectively design and deploy bots to engage your target audiences.

Through a combination of lecture and hands-on training, you’ll review top case studies of both successes and failures and begin developing a bot strategy for your brand and company.

We offer this workshop in three formats:

  • Half-Day Workshop: Standard Overview (3 Hours)
  • Full-Day Workshop: Customized Overview For Your Company & Industry (6 Hours)
  • Multi-Day Workshop: Add-On Tactical Workshops (See Below)

Extend Your Knowledge

For executives who have successfully completed our introductory workshop “What Executives Need To Know About Bots,” we offer additional education to help you successfully execute on brand strategy, design & development, and growth marketing for your bot.

These workshops can be added on to our introductory workshop to create a multi-day executive bootcamp for bots.

Bot Education

Brand & Business Strategy

Not all use cases are suitable for bots. Like any other product or business line, your bot strategy must fit your strategic priorities. Your customers will only enthusiastically adopt a new paradigm of interaction when they experience differentiated value from existing offerings.

  • Brand clarification exercises
  • Top performing use cases for bots
  • Case studies of both successful & unsuccessful bots
  • Value proposition & business model generation
  • Competitive landscape & positioning
  • Conceptual prototyping
Bot Education

Design & Built A Bot

Building conversational bots differs from building regular technology. We’ll first teach you principles of conversation and copywriting to bring your brand to life. Then we’ll cover popular and reliable platforms and vendors your company can partner with to build your bot.

  • Principles of conversational design
  • Overview of platforms & vendors
  • User research & customer journeys
  • Copywriting exercises
  • Chatbot implementation
  • User testing & feedback
Bot Education

Make Your Bot Go BOOM!

What’s the point of making a bot if no one uses it? We’ll teach you how to build a growth and user acquisition strategy around your brand. Time to tell the world about your bot!

  • Overview of growth marketing strategies
  • Case studies of successful & unsuccessful bot marketing
  • Marketing strategy & plan development
  • Distribution channel development
  • Hypotheses & experiment design
  • Principle of persuasion
  • Finances & budgeting

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