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TOPBOTS offers corporate workshops to help your entire team ramp up on bot knowledge. We start with strategy and help you refine how bots fit into your overall brand, marketing, and product vision. Next, we teach you to design and build simple bot experiences without writing a single line of code. Finally, we help you share your newborn bot with the world and equip you with the best marketing tips to grow your fan base.

Bot Education

Brand & Business Strategy

Not all use cases are suitable for bots. Like any other product or business line, your bot strategy must fit your strategic priorities. Your customers will only enthusiastically adopt a new paradigm of interaction when they experience differentiated value from existing offerings.

This full-day workshop covers:

  • Brand clarification exercises
  • Top performing use cases for bots
  • Case studies of both successful & unsuccessful bots
  • Value proposition & business model generation
  • Competitive landscape & positioning
  • Conceptual prototyping
Bot Education

Design & Built A Bot

Time to get your hands dirty! Building simple conversational bots does not require technical skills. We’ll first teach you principles of conversation and copywriting. Then we’ll cover user-friendly platforms and tools to get you started on building your first bot.

This full-day workshop covers:

  • Principles of conversational design
  • Overview of platforms & capabilities
  • User research & customer journeys
  • Copywriting exercises
  • Chatbot implementation
  • User testing & feedback
Bot Education

Make Your Bot Go BOOM!

What’s the point of making a bot if no one uses it? We’ll teach you how to build a growth and user acquisition strategy around your brand. Time to tell the world about your bot!

This full-day workshop covers:

  • Overview of growth marketing strategies
  • Case studies of successful & unsuccessful bot marketing
  • Marketing strategy & plan development
  • Distribution channel development
  • Hypotheses & experiment design
  • Principle of persuasion
  • Finances & budgeting
Bot Education

The Ultimate Bot Bootcamp

Can’t get enough of bots? Get the ultimate bot education with all three workshops in a multi-day intensive. We customize a deep dive into the content at your pace and tailor the exercises to your organization. There’s no other program that gets you ramped up as quickly as this intense bot bootcamp! We even check in for six months after the workshop to keep you on track for success.

In addition to all the topics above, this intensive also includes:

  • Custom designed curriculum & exercises
  • Lifetime access to our digital training resources
  • Once-a-month follow on coaching for six months

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