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Speak, Memory

Casey Newton for Verge

When Eugenia Kudya’s best friend Roman died, she used artificial intelligence to bring him back as a bot. Newton’s emotional and intensely personal story details the pair’s budding friendship against the backdrop of the urbane, cultural center of Moscow. Inseparable, the two attended exclusive parties, started magazines, and indulged in intellectual debates about the future of their country and humanity. On the fateful day of Roman’s tragic and unexpected death, Kudya vowed she would speak to him one more time.

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Barbie Wants To Get To Know Your Child

James Vlahos for The New York Times

Children’s fantasies of talking toys have come true. Hello Barbie from Mattel is the world’s first intelligent, conversational doll. Vlaho’s laboriously researched editorial piece covers the history and making of the doll, the breakthroughs in A.I. that power the conversation, as well as the social implications and influence Hello Barbie can have on young girls. He brings in academic research on human-robotic interactions and questions whether talking toys expand or limit the imagination of the young.

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Burberry Builds Chatbots For Fashion Week

Rachel Arthur for Forbes

Haute couture fashion brands are among the most innovative companies experimenting with conversational technologies. Burberry’s timely chatbot for London Fashion Week allows an insider peek into designer sketches, runway scenes, and the original novel by Virginia Woolf which inspired the current collection. Arthur interviews Chris Bailey, Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, on his take on conversational commerce and how the digital trend will affect fashion.

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How Tech Giants Use Economy Of Scale To Power A.I. For Good

“90% of the world’s supercomputers run on Intel technology,” Diane Bryant tells me at SxSW. “And 95% of artificial intelligence solutions run on Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi processors.” Bryant is an Intel veteran who joined the semiconductor giant right after getting an...

5 Secrets Your Tweets Reveal About You

Big data firms like Cambridge Analytica made headlines when they claimed to sway Election 2016 results by deducing personality traits from social media profiles and third-party data firms and serving highly manipulative ads to sway public opinion. Leveraging a trove...

How 26 Top Marketing Executives Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming all digital industries and marketing is no exception. We asked 26 top marketing executives and entrepreneurs to share how they've leveraged A.I. and machine learning technologies to improve their products, simplify their...

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