Author: Marlene Jia

Outsource Your Boring Back Office Paperwork To A.I.

There seems to be no end to what artificial intelligence can do. After thrashing humans at sophisticated games like chess and go, AI’s next conquest appears to be the workplace. Many already hold jobs at forward-looking companies across industries. Some work as customer service reps, translators and financial analysts. Others serve as lawyers, surgeons and chefs. Given that astonishing range of capabilities, no one would be upset if robots eventually run your enterprise back office, where the tasks are more often tedious than prestigious.    Large financial institutions, insurance companies, and government agencies certainly need to process huge volumes...

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9 Critical Decisions Behind Successful Customer Service Bots

Customer service is one of the most popular business applications of automation and bot technologies. Applied successfully, chatbots not only cut costs, but improve customer satisfaction. In contact center environments, chatbots can reduce the Average Handle Time (AHT) per contact, increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates, reduce escalations to higher-cost channels, and decrease agent training times. However, if implemented poorly, chatbots can lead to customer dissatisfaction and brand tarnish. To ensure delivery of customer satisfaction, keep the following points in mind.   Strategy   1. Determine your bot model There are two models of customer service bots — a...

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Bots vs. Cyborgs: Which Model Is Best For Scaling Customer Service?

One of the most compelling use cases for enterprise bots is customer support. Traditionally, as companies grow in revenue, customer service costs grow in tandem. Companies constantly seek ways to minimize these servicing costs through nearshoring, offshoring, and now customer service bots. Companies ranging from RBS to KLM and Disney Stores to Overstock are eagerly innovating intelligent bot technologies, hailed as the solution to scaling customer care delivery. There are two basic types of customer service bots, “front end bots” and “bot assisted agents.” A “front end bot” is a conversational computer program that interacts directly with a customer...

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Top 5 Bots To Help You Shop

Plenty of people love to shop, browse, and try clothes on. Others, like myself, hate the process. We don’t like to shop and don’t want to shop, but still need to look presentable. Luckily, we now have clever shopping bots to do our shopping for us. I saved a ton of time with these fashionable bots yet look more stylish than ever. Just say hello and they can streamline your wardrobe too.   1. CelebStyle Helps You Dress Like Top Celebrities For those of us devoid of fashion sense, our winning strategy is to imitate fashionistas who know their stuff....

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Founder-Friendly Bots For Your Startup

Doing business means handling logistics. The more successful you are, the more obnoxious your operations. Luckily, the recent growth of bots and artificial intelligence has led to automation of the more onerous, mundane, and repetitive parts of startup life. Entrepreneurs, take heed. These powerful startup bots save you hours every week so you can forge a semblance of work-life balance, or simply work more effectively if you’re the workaholic type.   Expensify’s Concierge Bot Automates Expense Reporting Everyone wants reimbursement or tax deduction for corporate expenses, but no one wants to shoebox receipts and fuss over expense accounting. Expensify’s...

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