Author: Adelyn Zhou

50 Innovative Ways Brands Use Chatbots

Chatbots & messaging are the future of marketing. MIT’s ELIZA pioneered the revolution in the 1960s and Siri took the trend mainstream in 2011. Now chatbots are used by brands in every industry to go beyond passive advertisements and engage customers with interactive conversations. What are chatbots, exactly? A chatbot is a conversational computer program that customers can interact with via a messaging interface. Instead of pushing buttons on a website or mobile app, you can get things done simply by chatting with a chatbot and asking questions naturally like “What movies are playing tonight?” or “What’s the latest...

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Use These Slack Bots To Supercharge Your Life At Work (VIDEO)

Work doesn’t have to be a drag when you have powerful Slack bots by your side. Automate away the drudgery of analytics reports, office shopping, performance feedback, and even SQL queries. Read the detailed bot breakdown of these top Slack bots by Adelyn Zhou, Head of Marketing at TOPBOTS. Start using these bots today: Avabot – Replace your data analyst with a bot Intro – Collect your entire team’s network together Kip – Simplify group shopping & get the best deals Statsbot – Easily pull in performance data and analytics Giphy – Spice up your conversations with internet memes CareerLark – Get microfeedback from trusted colleagues...

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Best Slack Bots To Use At Work

Did you know that millennials are actually workaholics? This fact is backed by surprising research. Sure, millennials love perks like flexible work hours, free meals, nap rooms, and telecommuting, but they really dig high performance. Millennial professionals so desperately want to deliver excellent results fast that many of them would rather work more than use up vacation days. That’s where the best Slack bots come in to help.  With advances in automation and artificial intelligence applied to the workplace, bots now join humans in the office for the corporate climb, grind, and hustle. From worker bots to smart shopping assistants, smart Slack bots are...

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10 Secrets of Successful Bot Marketing

Want to improve your bot marketing but not sure where to start? I’m Adelyn, Head of Marketing at TOPBOTS. I’ll be speaking about chatbot and bot marketing at Jason Calacanis’ growth conference LAUNCH: SCALE on November 14-15th, 2016. The conference features the industry’s top business experts sharing their expertise on scaling up user acquisition and growth for successful products. My talk, “10 Secrets of Successful Bot Marketing” teaches bot marketers how to overcome discoverability problems to acquire your most engaged users. Chatbot fever has gripped the whole tech industry, but very few chatbots have found success. In fact, 40% of...

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Don’t Make These Chatbot Marketing Mistakes

The time has come! You and your development team have put weeks of effort perfecting your new chatbot and are finally ready to unveil your creation to the world. But building a bot is just the first step. There are tens of thousands of bots on Facebook, Slack, WeChat, and other popular messaging platforms, and only a handful have gained widespread adoption. Most bots have barely even been used. Improve your odds of success by making sure you avoid these common bot marketing blunders. 1. Lack of a clear bot strategy What do you want to achieve with your bot?...

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