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Artificial intelligence is not a beginner-friendly subject, especially if you don’t have a technical background. Yet exponential technologies like automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence are disrupting how we work and live. Executives must stay on top of breaking technical trends to keep their companies competitive.

TOPBOTS offers corporate workshops to help your executive team and company leadership ramp up on artificial intelligence. While most A.I. education is for engineers, we help business leaders develop a strategic understanding of A.I. breakthroughs, business and enterprise applications, and how to build, buy, and deploy exponential technologies in your organizations.

What Executives Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

What Executives Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence


Exponential technologies like artificial intelligence (A.I.), robotics, and automation are disrupting and revolutionizing the way we live and work. Will these emerging technologies help or hurt your company? Depends on the strength of your A.I. strategy.

These interactive workshops are targeted towards business leaders and executives who want to 1) understand the latest breakthroughs in AI & automation, 2) adapt technical research to business applications, and 3) successfully design and deploy emerging technologies like AI throughout your enterprise.

Through a combination of lecture and hands-on training, you’ll review top case studies of both successes and failures and begin developing a A.I. strategy for your brand and company.

We offer our executive A.I. education in three formats:

  • Keynote: Brief Overview (1 Hour)
  • Half-Day Workshop: Standard Overview (3 Hours)
  • Full-Day Workshop: Customized Overview For Your Company & Industry (6 Hours)

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